“My Parents Don’t Care If I Play Music”

Some families stop their children’s music lessons when they’ve barely just started.  Learning to play music is a process, not merely a task, and is unlike any other activity. 

If participating in music as an activity is new in your family, consider allowing some time and patience for an adjustment in your schedule and lifestyle.  It’s easy to become frustrated if we are spending money and time on an activity that our kids don’t seem fully invested in. This is even more true if we did not play music ourselves growing up and don’t have conviction about the benefits.

Parents continually tell me that they played briefly as children and gave it up, only to years later regret it, and wish that their parents had pushed them harder to stay with it.  I’ve hardly ever met an adult who feels the opposite.  It's rewarding to weather the challenges of music making & instruction; it's an activity that yields a lifetime of benefits.